Lillia Cho on the cover of Ashes to Ashes

Lillia Cho or Lilli (sometimes Lil') is one of the main characters of the Burn for Burn Trilogy. She was a student at Jar Island High School, and was one of the most popular students there. She was extremely close to Katherine DeBrassio and Rennie Holtz, and even after Kat and Rennie had a fight, Lillia and Rennie remained best friends. She is part of the cheerleading squad at the high school.

Appearance Edit

Lillia has long, shiny and straight black hair, almond eyes and "the softest skin" (commented by Reeve). Mary states that she thinks Lillia is the prettiest girl in the high school, while Reeve sees her as sexy while they are dating. Described by Kat, Lillia is the Jackie-O type and has an elegant, sophisticated and fashionable clothing style.

Personality Edit

Many have described Lillia as a sweet, angelic, and intelligent girl. Lillia was told that she could've been the salutatorian of her high school class, but it was never revealed.

History Edit

When she first moved to Jar Island, she met Kat and Rennie. At first, Rennie doesn't like her because she thinks Lillia is showing off her wealth; however, Kat convinces Rennie to give Lillia a chance. Later, Rennie grows closer to Lillia and ends up ditching Kat.

In school, Lillia is extremely popular and well-liked. Her group of friends includes Rennie, Ashlin, PJ, Alex, Reeve, and Derek initially, but throughout the series, she becomes close to Kat and Mary.

By the end of Rennie and Lillia's friendship, the two become cold toward each other.

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Relationships Edit

Nadia Cho Edit

Nadia is the younger and only sister of Lillia. Throughout the series, it is shown that Nadia admires and adores Lillia very much. Lillia states that she has never lied to Nadia, and could not believe that Nadia had lied to her in the first book.

Alex Lind Edit

Alex and Lillia are like bestfriends. Alex has a crush on Lillia, what he finally shows her at Valentines day when he gives her 50 red roses, which stand for deep love. After college and after the funeral of Kat's dad, Alex and Lillia come together.

Reeve Tabatsky Edit

At first, they both resented eachother until Kat and Mary come up with a plan for Lillia to break his heart. While following the plan to let Reeve fall in love (even more) with her, she falls in love with him by herself. She has a guilty conscience against Mary, because she loves the guy who bullied Mary. She becomes a couple with Reeve and breaks up with him two times, the last time because of Mary forcing her to break up with him and because of the magic spell Lillia gives to Mary with Kat. After high school, Lillia expects to hear something from Reeve but they never get in touch again. Lillia sees Reeve sometimes driving in his pick-up around the island during her vacation on Jar Island.

Kat Debrassio Edit

Lillia and Kat were best friends with Rennie. However, Rennie ditched Kat in the first year of High school and so Lillia and her didn't remain friends until they are Seniors. Kat proposes to plan revenge on the enemies of her, Lillia and Mary. The three become friends. After high school, Kat moves from Jar Island to New York. Lillia says, she wants to visit her with Alex.